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Our Director & Adult Bible Classes

With over 25 years of teaching experience, Jim Lokenbauer over-sees our education program. If you are looking for information on times, areas of study, or what age and levels of study we offer, Jim is the one to speak with.

Our Sunday morning Adult Bible class is taught by Scott Reynolds and the current study is: A Study of Hebrews.

Our Wednesday night Adult Bible class is taught by Kevin Cleary and the current study is: 1st Corinthians.

Childrens Bible Study

Our children's classes are taught by Tracy Raines and Ruth Lokenbauer. We have many different levels of study based on age and/or grade level. We have a focused curriculum for any age or grade. If you need any more information please call us at (216) 671-1759, or speak with Jim Lokenbauer.

Adult Bible Study Teachers

The adult Bible class teachers are: Kevin Cleary, our preacher (Wednesday night Bible class), Scott Reynolds (Sunday Morning Bible class), and Jim Lokenbauer. For more information on times or if you have any questions about this program, please email us at: wscoc@wschurchofchrist.org.

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Current Bible Classes

Sunday Morning Class

Current Study: A Study of Hebrews

Class Recordings

Nov 22, 2020
The Holy Spirit

Sunday Class Notes


Sunday Class Articles

Jun 21, 2020
KC- Father's Day
Reference material for the Hebrews class:

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Wednesday Night Class

Current Study: 1st Corinthians

Class Recordings

Aug 4, 2021
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Jul 28, 2021
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Wednesday Class Notes


Wednesday Class Articles

May 17, 2020
JL- I Am Resolved

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Other Bible Studies

Previous Bible Studies

Ever wonder what you should learn first as a new Christian? Or wonder what every Christian should know? We don't have to guess, the Bible tells us what are the basic, elementary, and foundational topics we need to learn.

The Bible & Science


plural noun [treated as singular or plural]
reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine: free market apologetics.

ORIGIN mid 18th century: from apologetic

Church of Christ

Apologetics Press, Inc

Bible Facts

Old Testament (39 Books)

Books of Law (5)
The Pentatauch


History (12)

1 Samuel
2 Samuel
1 Kings
2 Kings
1 Chronicles
2 Chronicles

Wisdom/Poetry (5)

Song of Solomon (Songs)

Major Prophets (5)


Minor Prophets (12)


New Testament (27 books)

The Gospels (4)


History (1)


The Letters of Paul (13)

1 Corinthians
1 Corinthians
1 Thessalonians
2 Thessalonians
1 Timothy
2 Timothy

Hebrews (1)


James (1)


The Letters of Peter (2)

1 Peter
2 Peter

The Letters of John (3)

1 John
2 John
3 John

Jude (1)


Revelation (1)


The Bible gives a lot of information about the ages of the Patriarchs.

Deriving the times of Jacob takes a bit of skill

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Sermons & Notes

Audio Sermons

Date Speaker  
10-17-2021a Idris Clark
10-17-2021p Idris Clark
10-10-2021a Tom Freed
10-10-2021p Mike Mathis
10-3-2021a Scott Reynolds
10-3-2021p Mike Mathis
9-26-2021a Jim Lokenbauer
9-26-2021p Joe Heiskell
9-19-2021a Tom Freed
9-19-2021p Idris-Farid Clark
9-12-2021a Mike Mathis
9-12-2021p Mike Mathis
9-5-2021a Kevin Cleary
9-5-2021p Joe Heiskell
8-29-2021a Kevin Cleary
8-29-2021p Kevin Cleary
8-22-2021a Kevin Cleary
8-22-2021p Kevin Cleary
8-15-2021a Kevin Cleary
8-15-2021p Kevin Cleary
8-8-2021a Idris-Farid Clark
8-8-2021p Kevin Cleary
8-1-2021a Kevin Cleary
8-1-2021p Jim Lokenbauer
7-25-2021a Kevin Cleary
7-25-2021p Kevin Cleary
7-18-2021a Tom Freed
7-18-2021p Mike Mathis
7-11-2021a Kevin Cleary
7-11-2021p Kevin Cleary
7-4-2021a Kevin Cleary
7-4-2021p Walter Kobisky
6-27-2021a Kevin Cleary
6-27-2021p Kevin Cleary
6-20-2021a Kevin Cleary
6-20-2021p Kevin Cleary
6-13-2021a Kevin Cleary
6-13-2021p Kevin Cleary
6-6-2021a Kevin Cleary
6-6-2021p Scott Reynolds
5-30-2021a Kevin Cleary
5-30-2021p Kevin Cleary
5-23-2021a Kevin Cleary
5-23-2021p Kevin Cleary
5-16-2021a Kevin Cleary
5-16-2021p Kevin Cleary
5-9-2021a Kevin Cleary
5-9-2021p Kevin Cleary
5-2-2021a Kevin Cleary
5-2-2021p Kevin Cleary
4-25-2021a Kevin Cleary
4-25-2021p Kevin Cleary
4-18-2021a Kevin Cleary
4-18-2021p Kevin Cleary
4-11-2021a Kevin Cleary
4-11-2021p Kevin Cleary
4-4-2021a Kevin Cleary
4-4-2021p Mike Mathis
3-28-2021a Kevin Cleary
3-28-2021p Kevin Cleary
3-21-2021a Kevin Cleary
3-21-2021p Kevin Cleary
3-14-2021a Kevin Cleary
3-14-2021p Kevin Cleary
3-7-2021a Tom Freed
2-28-2021a Scott Reynolds
2-28-2021p Mike Mathis
2-21-2021a Jim Lokenbauer
2-21-2021p Mike Mathis
2-14-2021a Mike Mathis
2-14-2021p Jim Lokenbauer
2-7-2021a Kevin Cleary
2-7-2021p Jim Lokenbauer
1-31-2021a Kevin Cleary
1-31-2021p Kevin Cleary
1-24-2021a Kevin Cleary
1-24-2021p Kevin Cleary
1-17-2021a Kevin Cleary
1-17-2021p Kevin Cleary
1-10-2021a Kevin Cleary
1-10-2021p Kevin Cleary
1-3-2021a Kevin Cleary
1-3-2021p Walter Kobisky
12-27-2020a Kevin Cleary
12-27-2020p Kevin Cleary
12-20-2020a Jim Lokenbauer
12-20-2020p Mike Mathis
12-13-2020a Jim Lokenbauer
12-13-2020p Kevin Cleary
12-6-2020a Kevin Cleary
12-6-2020p Scott Reynolds
11-29-2020a Mike Mathis
11-29-2020p Kevin Cleary
11-22-2020a Kevin Cleary
11-22-2020p Kevin Cleary
11-15-2020a Kevin Cleary
11-15-2020p Kevin Cleary
11-8-2020a Tom Freed
11-8-2020p Mike Mathis
11-1-2020a Kevin Cleary
11-1-2020p Kevin Cleary
10-25-2020a Kevin Cleary
10-25-2020p Kevin Cleary
10-18-2020a Kevin Cleary
10-18-2020p Kevin Cleary
10-11-2020a Kevin Cleary
10-11-2020p Kevin Cleary
10-4-2020a Kevin Cleary
9-27-2020a Kevin Cleary
9-27-2020p Kevin Cleary
9-20-2020a Kevin Cleary
9-20-2020p Kevin Cleary
9-13-2020a Tom Freed
9-13-2020p Mike Mathis
9-6-2020a Kevin Cleary
8-30-2020a Scott Reynolds
8-30-2020p Scott Reynolds
8-23-2020a Mike Mathis
8-23-2020p Mike Mathis
8-16-2020a Tom Freed
8-16-2020p Mike Mathis
8-9-2020a Kevin Cleary
8-9-2020p Kevin Cleary
8-2-2020a Kevin Cleary
8-2-2020p Jim Lokenbauer
7-26-2020a Kevin Cleary
7-26-2020p Kevin Cleary
7-19-2020a Kevin Cleary
7-19-2020p Kevin Cleary
7-12-2020a Mike Mathis
7-12-2020p Mike Mathis
6-28-2020a Kevin Cleary
6-28-2020p Kevin Cleary
6-21-2020a Kevin Cleary
6-21-2020p Kevin Cleary
6-14-2020a Kevin Cleary
6-14-2020p Kevin Cleary
6-7-2020a Kevin Cleary
6-7-2020p Kevin Cleary
5-31-2020a Kevin Cleary
5-31-2020p Kevin Cleary
5-24-2020a Kevin Cleary
5-24-2020p Kevin Cleary
5-17-2020a Kevin Cleary
5-17-2020p Kevin Cleary
5-10-2020a Kevin Cleary
5-10-2020p Kevin Cleary
5-3-2020a Tom Freed
4-26-2020a Kevin Cleary
4-26-2020p Kevin Cleary
4-19-2020a Kevin Cleary
4-19-2020p Kevin Cleary
4-12-2020a Kevin Cleary
4-12-2020p Kevin Cleary
3-15-2020a Kevin Cleary
3-15-2020p Kevin Cleary
3-8-2020a Jim Lokenbauer
3-8-2020p Kevin Cleary
3-1-2020a Steve Cain
2-23-2020a Steve Cain
2-23-2020p Steve Cain
2-16-2020a Steve Cain
2-16-2020p Steve Cain
2-9-2020a Steve Cain
2-9-2020p Steve Cain
2-2-2020a Steve Cain
1-26-2020a Steve Cain
1-26-2020p Steve Cain
1-19-2020a Steve Cain
1-19-2020p Steve Cain
1-12-2020a Steve Cain
1-12-2020p Steve Cain
1-5-2020a Steve Cain

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Sermon Notes

Date Notes
9-26-2021a Title: JL's - To be announced
9-26-2021p Title: JH's - To be announced
10-17-2021a IC's - Three Parables From Luke 15   [pdf]
10-17-2021p Title: IC's - To be announced
10-10-2021a Title: TF's - Focus on the Positive
10-10-2021p Title: MM's - To Hear Is to Listen
10-3-2021a SR's - The Church Jesus Built   [pdf]
10-3-2021p Title: MM's - Greatest Story Ever Told
9-26-2021a Title: JL's - Jesus, James, & Jude
9-26-2021p Title: JH's - To be announced
9-19-2021a TF's - Working Out Our Salvation   [pdf]
9-19-2021p IC's - God's Knowledge of Man   [pdf]
9-12-2021a Title: MM's - Ezekiel 18
9-12-2021p Title: MM's - You Are of Your Father, the Devil
9-5-2021a KC's - The Trespass Offering, p2   [pdf]
9-5-2021p Title: JH's - The Old & New Compared
8-29-2021a KC's - The Sin Offering, p3   [pdf]
8-29-2021p KC's - The Trespass Offering   [pdf]
8-22-2021a KC's - The Sin Offering   [pdf]
8-22-2021p KC's - The Sin Offering, p2   [pdf]
8-22-2021p Title: To be announced
8-15-2021a Title: KC's - The Peace Offering, p2
8-15-2021p Title: KC's - The Peace Offering, p3
8-8-2021a Title: To be announced
8-8-2021a IC's - God's Intimacy   [pdf]
8-8-2021p KC's - The Peace Offering   [pdf]
8-1-2021a Title: Do We Have Access to God?
8-1-2021p Title: The Fall Festivals
7-25-2021a Title: The Meal Offering
7-25-2021p Title: The Grain Offering
7-18-2021a Title: Do Not Sell Your Inheritance
7-18-2021p Title: He Who Overcomes
7-11-2021a KC's - Leviticus - 6   [pdf]
7-11-2021p Title: Repentance
7-4-2021a KC's - Leviticus - 1   [pdf]
7-4-2021p Title: What Is Faith?
6-13-2021a Title: Introduction: Law of Moses, p2
6-13-2021p Title: 1 Corinthians 15
6-27-2021a KC's - Introduction: Law of Moses, p4   [pdf]
6-27-2021p KC's - Introduction: Law of Moses, p5   [pdf]
6-20-2021a KC's - Godly Fathers 2   [pdf]
6-20-2021p KC's - Introduction: Law of Moses, p3   [pdf]
6-13-2021a Title: Introduction: Law of Moses, p2
6-13-2021p Title: 1 Corinthians 15
6-6-2021a Title: Introduction: Law of Moses
6-6-2021p Title: Paul in Athens & Corinth
5-30-2021a KC's - The Blessed Hope   [pdf]
5-30-2021p KC's - Saved In Hope   [pdf]
5-23-2021a Title: Our Time Not Unlike Ezekiels
5-23-2021p Title: Jesus Taught Us to Give
5-16-2021a Title: Ascension & Kingship of Jesus
5-16-2021p Title: What Jesus Taught About Heaven
5-9-2021a Title: Mother's Day
5-9-2021p Title: Abraham - Leaning on the Promises
5-2-2021a KC's - The Transfiguration of Jesus   [pdf]
5-2-2021p KC's - Can You Fall From Grace   [pdf]
4-25-2021a KC's - The Gospel of the Church   [pdf]
4-25-2021p KC's - Parable of the Sower   [pdf]
4-18-2021a KC's - The Battle for the Minds of Men   [pdf]
4-18-2021p KC's - Jesus the Light of the World   [pdf]
4-11-2021a KC's - Faith and Evidence   [pdf]
4-11-2021p KC's - Faith and Inerrancy   [pdf]
4-4-2021a KC's - The Resurrection of Jesus   [pdf]
4-4-2021p Title: Nehemiah, Listen to God
3-28-2021a Title: Truth
3-28-2021p Title: Back to Bible Gospel
3-21-2021a Title: The Priesthood of Jesus
3-21-2021p Title: The 2nd Coming of Christ
3-14-2021a KC's - Questions Jesus Asked   [pdf]
3-14-2021p KC's - Questions Jesus Asked About Hell   [pdf]
3-7-2021a Title: The Lord is My Shepherd, Do Not Worry
2-28-2021a SR's - Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit   [pdf]
2-28-2021p Title: Peace
2-21-2021a Title: The Tale of Two Kings
2-21-2021p Title: Fear and Condemnation
2-14-2021a Title: The Blessings of Obedience
2-14-2021p Title: The Curses of Disobedience
2-7-2021a KC's - What Did Jesus Say About Hell?   [pdf]
2-7-2021p Title: Our Christian Ministry & Duty
1-31-2021a KC's - Proof Of The Resurrention   [pdf]
1-31-2021p KC's - Counting The Cost   [pdf]
1-24-2021a KC's - Christ, Church, Kingdom   [pdf]
1-24-2021p KC's - The Purpose of the Cross of Christ   [pdf]
1-17-2021a Title: God Seeks Our Worship
1-17-2021p KC's - Preach the Word   [pdf]
1-10-2021a KC's - Reconsider Matthew 24   [pdf]
1-10-2021p KC's - Christ & Creation   [pdf]
1-3-2021a KC's - The Fall of Jerusalem   [pdf]
1-3-2021p Title: The Bad News & the Good News
12-27-2020a Title: The Necessity of the Virgin Birth
12-27-2020p Title: Jesus, The Master Teacher
12-20-2020a JL's - The Cursed Fig Tree   [pdf]
12-20-2020p Title: Blotting Out Amaleks Rememberance
12-13-2020a JL's - There Is a Prophet in Israel   [pdf]
12-13-2020p Title: The Blessings of the Gospel
12-6-2020a Title: Born Again of Water & Spirit
12-6-2020p SR's - PM, Do We Believe & Not Doubt?
11-29-2020a Title: Psalm 136 - Giving Thanks to the Lord
11-29-2020p Title: Washed in the Blood
11-22-2020a Title: The Hope of Glory by Jesus
11-22-2020p Title: God & His Word vs Traditions of Men
11-15-2020a Title: Jesus, God and Man
11-15-2020p Title: The I Am of John
11-8-2020a Title: Vampires
11-8-2020p Title: Did Stephen Pray to Jesus?
11-1-2020a Title: The Kindness and Severity of God
11-1-2020p KC's - PM, Prophecy
10-25-2020a Title: Hope, What is it?
10-25-2020p Title: A Balanced Pulpit
10-18-2020a Title: Jesus, Our Example of Suffering
10-18-2020p Title: The Resurrection of Jesus
10-11-2020a Title: Prayer: Lord, Teach Us HOW to Pray
10-11-2020p Title: The Beatitudes
10-4-2020a Title: Solidifying the Home by Godly Fathers
9-27-2020a Title: Grounding the Church in Jesus
9/27/2020p Title: Grace in the Eyes of the Lord
9-20-2020a Title: Grounding the Church in Evangelism
9-20-2020p Title: Your Personal Bible
9-13-2020a TF's - AM, The Walking Dead
9-13-2020p Title: Why Do People Equate Darkness with Evil?
9-6-2020a KC's AM, Grounding the Church in Faith -html   pdf
8-30-2020a SR's - AM, Ephesians, Read as a Sermon
8-30-2020p SR's - PM, Types in Ephesians 5 & 6
8-23-2020a Title: The Process of Grafting
8-23-2020p Title: Better Things in Hebrews
8-16-2020a Title: How to Win in Life
8-16-2020p Title: The Poor
8-9-2020a KC's - AM, Enemies of Christ
8-9-2020p KC's - PM, Preach the Word
8-2-2020a KC's - AM, No More Sacrifice for Sin
8-2-2020p Title: Sons of Thunder
7-26-2020a KC's - AM, The Need for Spiritual Growth
7-26-2020p KC's - PM, Can You Lose Your Salvation?

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