Reading through Numbers, came across where God commands trumpets to be made. (Num. 10:1-9)

  1. Two trumpets

    1. To be made of silver (beaten) hammered work. (Numbers 10:1)

    2. To be used for (vss.2-7)

      1. Assembly of the congregation

      2. Movement of the people

    3. The sons of Aaron will blow the trumpets sounding an alarm. (vs. 8)

      1. When going to war (vs. 9)

      2. Be remembered and saved from enemies. (vs. 9)

  2. Feast of trumpets (Lev. 23:24, 25; Num. 29:1-6)

    1. Held on first day of the seventh month.

    2. A day of blowing the trumpets> memorial. (Lev. 23:24)

    3. Celebrated after the captivity. (Neh. 7:73, 8:2, 9-12)

  3. Used figuratively

    1. Isa. 27:13- The great trumpet

    2. Zech. 9:14- The Lord God will blow the trumpet.

  4. Symbolical

    1. Matt. 24:31- The great sound of the trumpet.

    2. 1st Cor. 15:52- The last trump

    3. 1st. Thess. 4:16- The Lord shall descend with a shout…​and with the trumpet of God.
            (Rev. 1:7- every eye will see Him)


Are you ready for the Lord’s coming?


Will you not come believing in Jesus, turning from your sins in repentance, be willing to confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ and be baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins, and remain faithful unto the end.