A Different Vantage Point

The way that we see the world depends a lot on our point of view or vantage point. Have you ever approached your driveway from the opposite direction than normal and notice how different it looks? Maybe you’ve had the opportunity to fly over your house while on approach to the airport, getting a bird’s eye view. Have you ever sat in a different pew at church and discover that things look totally different from there? When we take a chance and try to see things from a different angle the possibilities of seeing new and undiscovered things seems endless. Many of us only look at our Christianity in one way. Some of us look at our service to God as an hour spent in a church building once a week. Others view Christianity as sitting in their pew three times a week. Some folks view Christianity as something to do when there’s nothing better going on in their lives while others live and breathe serving the Lord 24/7. Some view Christianity as obeying a strict set of rules while others view it as a law of liberty. Many Christians view service to God as working with their hands whiles others see it as sharing their hearts and emotions with others. As you can see (no pun intended), we all seem to view Christianity in a different way. However, we must realize that God has placed us here in the church just where He wants us (1 Corinthians 12:18) thus making a body full of diverse talent and ability. But in order to continue to grow and mature in Christ we must continually seek new vantage points from which we can learn and grow.

This week try looking at some of your ideas of Christianity from a different vantage point. You may just discover a new way of seeing the cross of Christ that will help you continue your spiritual journey to eternity.

Jay Launius 2019 Maud church of Christ Maud, Texas