Topical Bible Study

Last Updated: 8-1-2010

Suggestions for studying a specific topic

  1. Gather information:

    1. Look up each occurrence of the topic from a concordance.

    2. Or perform a search in a Bible program


      Try Olive Tree software, the app is free & there are some free Bibles & other materials

  2. Evaluate each occurrence

    1. Determine applicability - does the particular scripture help explain the topic?

    2. Compile a list of applicable scripture

    3. Write down any other words you come across as you evaluate each occurrence that may help our understanding of the topic — look these words up also and evaluate them.

  3. Study each scripture on the list

    1. When did it take place? (Patriarchal, Mosaical, Christian)

    2. Who was speaking?

    3. Who was the audience?

    4. What does the scripture say?

    5. What is the context?

  4. Organize your findings (putting the puzzle together)

    1. Categorize the various verses

    2. Look for similarities

    3. Look for differences

  5. Apply it to ourselves (what does this mean to us?), this is the hardest step

    1. How did the original audience understand this topic?

    2. What action did the original audience take?

    3. What does God expect of me?

  6. Put it into action/practice

    1. Think of specific ways to implement this learned knowledge