Our Leadership

Steve Cain

Minister / Preacher

Steve Cain is devoted to the study and to the teaching of God's word. Steve has been both preaching and teaching the Divine word for over 23 years.

Scott Reynolds


Scott Reynolds is head of benevolence at Westside Church of Christ. Strong in God's word, and always helping those who are in need.

Jim Lokenbauer

Bible Education Director

Jim Lokenbauer has been serving the church for over 20 years with a love for God's word, and a true talent for teaching those young and old.

Joyce Lewis-Brand

Pantry Organizer

Joyce is a very giving person who loves to help others and has been organizing the church pantry for years. She is always there to help those in need in and around Westside.

Tracy Raines

Community Meal Organizer

Tracy has served the Westside Church of Christ and its community for years. She can always be found helping with the community meals project.

Mae Waldren

Community Meal Organizer

Mae Waldren is devoted to do God's work has been selflessly serving the community with meals for the past 10 years at Westside Church of Christ.