Do You know That God Exists? p6


In reality, God’s existence, though invisible, is clearly known by observing the empirical evidence He has left throughout the created world. The empirical data enables man to KNOW of God’s AWESOME DIVINE POWER and DEITY! This evidence is available to all men. Sadly, many totally ignore all the empirical evidentiary evidences and deny God’s existence because they cannot have empirical evidence of God Himself. We wonder why these people do not use the same premises or logic about famous people historically or about events that mates, or friends relate to them. Those who deny God become so foolish as they exalt themselves and their own reasoning; they tragically turn to worship of the creation, often animals. Then, men who reject God turn to fulfilling every desire they have and live in gross immorality, Romans 1:24-31.

When we see the consistency of what God has revealed in Scripture with the natural world, we realize that He can be completely trusted. Therefore, we know that everything He relates to us is true, even if we cannot verify it with empirical evidence. We know that Heaven and Hell exist, and that a day of reckoning, the Day of Judgement is coming. We also know that the world was created. God tells us about the creation, “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible,” Hebrews 11:3. We can KNOW that the world was created; it did NOT come about by naturalistic evolution. Logical people would be insulted if someone tried to convince them that a watch or as airplane JUST HAPPENED - no designer, no builder; they just came about from a huge explosion in a junk yard or in an aluminum factory. Why can man so quickly see the absurdity of such arguments and yet not see the absurdity of arguments that claim that the orderly designed universe, the order of our human bodies with all their systems working on harmony, and the phenomenal balance of the earth and atmosphere that provides a perfect habitation for mankind just happened? We can know that the miracles revealed in Scripture actually occurred.

God is Good. I love you all,
Kevin J.

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