Do You know That God Exists? p2


Others seem to be convinced that God exists because they have seen some artist’s painting, Icon, or image. Some will advocate, "Even if there IS NO God, Christianity is still the best way of life." Often one affirms faith in God only to continue by saying, "No one can really KNOW if God exists." The next question is, "why be a believer then?" Every one of these statements is rooted in agnosticism, the idea that Christianity has NO certainty or basis for our beliefs. Thus, Christians are seen as merely gullible people who base their ideas upon fanciful theories that have no legitimate foundation. True Christianity is completely different from the ideas mentioned above. TRUE Christianity is built upon a SOLID ROCK - absolute certainty that God DOES exist, and that man can and must know, respect, and obey God!


Understanding knowledge and how we know anything is extremely important to answering the question, "Do You KNOW That God Exists?" When discussing religion, atheists, agnostics, and many religious people live by the premise that the only way you can know anything for sure is by having empirical evidence. What is empirical evidence? It is knowledge based upon the experience of the five senses; what you see, hear, smell, taste, or touch. Thus, atheists are SURE that God does not exist because they cannot see Him. So, atheists, agnostics, and "uncertain unbelievers" claim that they cannot "know" anything concerning the supernatural without empirical knowledge.

(To be continued)

God is good. I love you all in Christ our King and Savior.
Kevin J.