Do You know That God Exists?

You, a human being, have lived for a number of years in this life. Perhaps you have heard some people totally deny the supernatural and others seem to be certain that there is NO supernatural being or "God." Those who deny the existence of the supernatural and of Divine Beings may see others who believe in God and the supernatural as dependent people who need a crutch for their emotional weaknesses or as mentally challenged people who seek assistance from above to help them overcome their struggles and to solve their problems. Many deny that "God" rally exists. They suggest that "He" is just a figment of people’s imagination, or an idea (fable) that is passed down from parents to children.

Many religious people who claim to believe in God have almost the same position as those described in the previous paragraph. For example, a great percentage of people in "Christendom" will say, "There is NO WAY that I can KNOW that God exists! I just BELIEVE it!" Others seem to be convinced that God exists because they have seen some artist’s painting, Icon, or image. Some will advocate, "Even if there IS NO God, Christianity is still the best way of life." Often on affirms faith in God only to continue by saying, "No one can really KNOW if God exists." The next question is, "why be a believer then?" Every one of these statements is rooted in agnosticism, the idea that Christianity has NO certainty or basis for our beliefs. Thus, Christians are seen as merely gullible people who base their ideas upon fanciful theories that have no legitimate foundation.

True Christianity is completely different from the ideas mentioned above. TRUE Christianity is built upon a SOLID ROCK - absolute certainty that God DOES exist, and that man can and must know, respect, and obey God!

To Be Continued

God is good, I love you all, In Jesus holy name.
Kevin J.