What do I mean by ransom?

What do I mean by ransom? To get a proper understanding of the significance of this story we looked at two events from Old Testament history.

The first deals with the origin of the temple tax found in Exodus 30:11-16, where God commands Moses to conduct a census which was only to be done at his command and gives explicit instructions how to do it so they could avoid being struck by a plague if they disobeyed. We read that every man twenty years and above had to pay a ransom of a half shekel, which would make atonement between they and God. This money was to be collected and used for the upkeep of the tabernacle, and eventually, the temple.

The second story is in 1 Chron. 21 and is an example when those instructions are not obeyed and nobody paid the ransom. God was angry at David and sent the Angel of the Lord to destroy the people. Midway through the punishment the A.O.T.L. spared destroying Jerusalem from total destruction by plague when David finally repented of his sin and sacrificed to the Lord.

We deduced from these stories that when we believe in Jesus, he will save us from the final judgment on the world because he paid the ransom price for sin for us. He made atonement to God on our behalf on the cross of Calvary.

Thank you Jesus!

 — Jim L