Kevin’s 2 Cents

Let me ask a question, if I may:
What truly, do we do when faced with heart ache and fear? Do we turn our eyes to Christ or do we just go inside ourselves and cry?

Today, I climbed out of myself and looked to the Lord who can Heal all things. I find myself surrounded by family and friends that ARE truly supportive and compassionate. You know, our Father is gracious and loving, merciful and gracious. Jesus is truly there in the place were you are hurting. Our savior and Lord watches over us. Jesus is working even today to help us overcome our troubles and concerns. He is God, He is the Son of God, He is THE LAMB OF GOD WHO TAKES AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD!

I am finding out how much He cares for us, in that, He does not want us to worry about those things which will hurt us, or those things which may take our joy away. God is more than life itself.

Things may seem gloomy and sad. But trust in the one who takes away our sorrows, and fears. JESUS IS ALIVE AND WELL.

God is good, I love you all in the mighty name of Jesus.

Kevin, J.