Kevin’s 2 Cents

Sometimes in this life we see things as we would have them changed. And yet when they don’t meet our expectations, we want to force that change. But you see brothers and sisters, God is the only one that can change a situation for the better. But we get in the way, we drive people away with our hostile minds and hearts.

Christ said to restore a brother or a sister in gentleness and love. But we would make them do things our way or else. God will have the final say-so on our actions, and condemn us to Hell’s fire, if we don’t change with repentance.

If someone comes in need of food or money, we can not force anyone to bend to our demands and expect them to not to be resentful, or even hateful. Stop putting a yoke of slavery on the heads of those who are in need our CHRISTIAN help.

We are a light to the world and the salt of the earth. Jesus has allowed us to serve Him in different ways and not rule over others with an Iron Fist.

God is Good, and I love you all,
In the name of Christ, amen and amen.

Kevin J.