Hebrews – Exhort One Another

We are Jesus’ house and have become partakers of Christ IF we hold fast (the beginning of (WEB)) our (original (ESV)) confidence firm to the end. Heb 3:6,14

The writer of Hebrews states a conditional statement twice when speaking about we being the house of Jesus and that we are partakers of Christ, and he identifies the same condition: IF WE HOLD FAST (the beginning of) OUR (original) CONFIDENCE TO THE END.

The implication is that IF we don’t meet the condition then we are NOT Jesus’ house and we are NOT partakers of Christ.

What condition must we meet to be his house and partakers of Christ?

If we HOLD FAST – hold securely, so as to be hard to move. The BEGINNING OF or ORIGINAL – That faith we had from when we first became a Christian

OUR CONFIDENCE - the belief that one can rely on someone or something. And the ONE we can RELY on is found in our CONFESSION that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

FIRM - in a resolute and determined manner

TO THE END – we need to hold fast firmly for our lifetime, not giving up.