Kevin’s 2 Cents

If we wish to be lights in the world, then we need to be blameless before the Father. This means to obey the Son, and follow Him with all our heart. Some would think that I can be a light in a dark place, when they themselves are walking according to the flesh. One might say, as long as no one knows then I’m good. But what they may not realize is that "your sin" will find you out.

And then it will be to late, the damage is done, and repentance is for sure to overcome you. But is it Godly sorrow, or Oh, I just got caught? "Your Sin Will Find You Out!"

Sin ruin’s families, and friends, and will even get you a place in the Lake of Fire. Some will repent, some will not, they will not because the will try to make excuses, "Oh, it brother so-and-so’s fault, If they wouldn’t have done this, then I would not have blown up on them." We are responsible for our own actions, whether they be private, or brought open to the public, especially at the Place of worship. Hide what you think you can hide, But God see’s all.

God is Good, I love you all

In Jesus Name, Amen and Amen.

Kevin J.