Kevin’s 2 Cents

As I was at the build today helping out with the yard, I was watching two close friends interacting with each other, joking and teasing. It was interesting to be able to see the genuine love (agape) that they had for one another. This type of love only comes from Jesus, and is always a life giving love for our brothers, our wives and for the church. I had to smile real big when I saw the act of goodness, and looked into heaven and thanked God that He is here and with us all. To many times I see people cursing one another out, or somebody giving someone the middle finger, or yelling out a racial slur.

Where do we stand in the moment with our family here at West Side? Are we here for them or are words just what they are, words. I hope we can all experience the same thing I saw on Saturday, the joy of the Lord in the hearts of two people having fun, loving each other with that unconditional grace that Jesus has given to us all.

God Bless all of us.

God is good, love you all Kevin J.