The Resurrection Day and Sundays

Even though the world celebrates this day as one of two holy days, the other being Christmas, Easter is the day most people celebrate as “Resurrection Day.” It is wonderful to have a family that celebrates “Resurrection Day” every 1st day of the week. This day has been given to us as the anti-type, Passover is the type. It was the day that the messenger of death passed over those houses where the door posts and the door mantel where covered in blood as they were commanded. The body and the blood of our Lord which now has become our Passover, reminds us of that dreadful day when an innocent man was illegally tried, tortured, crucified, buried, and Risen from the dead, promised. Let us never stop, just on this day , to remember Jesus the Son of God.

God is good, I love you all
Kevin J.

Kevin’s 2 cents. Happy Lord’s day to everyone.
In Jesus Name Amen, and Amen.