The Supremacy of Christ

Few humans have ever seen Jesus in his heavenly majestic form as he is right now. The Lord’s disciples; Peter, James and John did, and were firsthand eyewitnesses of perhaps what I consider the greatest event recorded in the bible. That greatest event was Jesus transfiguring right in front of them. It is the greatest event because so many of the things recorded in the Old Testament pointed to the Messiah that was to come who would save mankind from sin and undo the work of Satan. It was the Savior Jesus; who was born of a woman and the only begotten of God, making him 100% man and 100% God, proving to Peter, James and John that he truly is Immanuel, God with us. They were privileged and trusted to see Jesus in his pre-incarnate form. He appeared to them as God. Privileged because the Lord chose them above all his other followers and trusted because he commanded them not to tell anyone what they saw when he transfigured before them until he had risen from the dead. They were true to that command. Jesus needed these three men to have a rock solid belief in who he was. By them witnessing the transfiguration they were entrusted with the true knowledge that the Messiah was indeed God, the second figure of the Godhead. They witnessed also that Moses and Elijah are alive, proving that all that was written in the past in the Old Law was true. That knowledge would help them during the turbulent times ahead when Jesus would go to the cross and give up his life there, carrying out the plan of salvation.

What the disciples learned from this event was that Jesus was the Supreme Being, the King of kings and the Lord of lords, the Messiah. They heard the voice of God tell them from the cloud of glory to, “Listen to Him!”

 — Jim

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