What Peter Learned From the Transfiguration

continued from Sunday Morning Class Articles

So when we retell the stories found in the bible to others, we can trust that what we say is true and that we are being reliable witnesses ourselves for the cause of Christ.

If I may suggest a story to read, please read the story of the transfiguration found in Matthew 17, Mark 9 and Luke 9:26-36. We are studying this event in our Wednesday bible class. Peter was a faithful witness of the transfiguration along with James and his brother John. They witnessed Jesus physically turn into his pre-incarnate person; God, the second figure of the Holy Trinity. They witnessed also Moses and Elijah appear with the Lord and that they talked about what was soon to be accomplished in Jerusalem. They also witnessed God’s booming voice tell them, “This is my beloved Son, my Chosen One, listen to him!” The three apostles were changed for life by what they saw. They saw God in his majestic glory! They also saw the two most influential characters from the Old Testament; Moses, who represented the Law, and Elijah, who represented the prophets. Peter tells us what he learned from this event in his second letter in chapter one, verses 12-21. Peter tells his readers what that event meant to him and what it means for us, that primarily God’s word is true and reliable.

I encourage you to familiarize yourself with this story as well. We will have a more lively discussion about this on Wednesday if everybody has read through these stories beforehand. John alludes to this event in John 1:14-18 saying that he witnessed the glory of Jesus, who tabernacled with man, and that he himself is God and has explained God the Father to us.

For the love of Christ! Jim