The Angel Announces God’s Plans

When the angel Gabriel appeared to Zachariah in the temple, he announced God’s plan for him and his son in the scheme of redemption. The angel made seven points to him that we can see become fulfilled as we read the gospel story.

The points are:

  1. God answers his prayer- Elizabeth would bear him a son

  2. His son is to be called John (God has shown favor)

  3. The son would bring joy to them and many will rejoice

  4. His son would be great in the sight of God

  5. He is to take no alcohol (the Nazarite vow? Num.6, e.g. Sampson & Samuel)

  6. The son would be filled by the spirit from the womb

  7. He will bring back many to the Lord and he will go before the Lord in the “spirit” of Elijah, making the people ready for the Lord, fulfilling Malachi’s prophecy

Likewise the angel told the details of God’s plan of salvation as revealed to Mary and Joseph with these points:

  • Mary was favored by God and God was with her

  • She’ll have a son and will call him Yeshua (Jehoshua/ Jesus)

  • He will be Son of the Most High conceived by Holy Spirit fulfilling Is. 7:14, God with us, Immanuel

  • He’ll sit on his father David’s throne fulfilling Micah 5:2

  • His kingdom will have no end fulfilling Daniels prophecy

  • Nothing is impossible for God

As we go through our study, look for these points and make note of them; this will show you God’s invisible hand at work, exercising his providence and will to fulfill his word.

— Jim