Coming soon! A Study of Peter

Good Lord’s Day to everyone!

We are starting a new class at Westside; having completed a study in the elementary teachings of Christ, we will be examining the life of Simon, the son of John, whom the Lord gives the nick-name Peter.

Peter is one of my favorite characters in the bible because he is an average working class guy who has many flaws and many wonderful traits. Jesus saw great potential in Peter and mentors him to become the 'Rock' which he saw him as.

This class will be for young teenagers who want a deeper understanding of our faith so that they may have a faith of their own and become a Christian one day, so the 'milk' of God’s word will be taught; plus there will be plenty of 'meat' to chew on in this class for the mature audience as well.

My expectation for this class is that upon its conclusion, we can all be of the same mind that if God can use a person like Peter in his ministry, he can use me too!

I hope to see you all this Wednesday.

In his service — Jim