Paul and the Resurrection of the Dead

Paul’s teaching in 1Cor.15 on the resurrection of the dead is the core element of the gospel. The world today mocks Christianity and our belief in the bible.

During Paul’s day not just the world sneered at the idea, but some people in the church disbelieved in the resurrection and some even taught lies about the resurrection, rendering their faith; vain. In verses 3-11, Paul presents irrefutable evidence of Christ’s resurrection arguing from scriptures and stating there were over 500 firsthand eyewitnesses of it.

Then in verses 12-19, Paul proceeded to illustrate to them the error of their thinking by carrying out their line of thought to its destructive conclusion. If no resurrection then; Christ was not raised, if Christ was not raised, that means that He was not righteous in the sight of the law and He was a sinner, and death could keep Him in the grave. If Christ couldn’t keep the law, then God was wrong in giving us a law that could not be followed by man, making God an unjust God. And if Christ is still in Hades, then that is our destination as well because we all have sinned, all people from the past, present and future are and will be sinners.

There would be NOBODY from the human race in heaven! We are rendered hopeless, and our belief would be vain. But Christ WAS raised from the dead! So for we who believe in a risen Savior, we also have a blessed hope that we too will rise again one day.

Next week: Paul’s vaccine against false teachings.

Rejoice and be glad! Jim Lokenbauer