Promises Kept, Promises Broken

Have you ever made a promise you couldn’t keep? I think if we are really honest with ourselves we would have to admit that we’ve failed to follow through with a promise at one time or another. Think about all of the promises that people make and then break. Around 50% of all people who get married make promises they don’t keep. They promise to love, honor and cherish each other for the rest of their lives, yet so many abuse, cheat and divorce the spouse that they made these promises to. Politicians make many campaign promises that are never fulfilled. People make promises to pay back loans from the bank then default, thus breaking the agreement to the financial institution. Then, there are those promises we make to ourselves and never seem to keep. We promise ourselves we’ll break that bad habit, get to work on time, make better grades, clean the house more, floss, or countless other self- improvement promises. Even though people make and break promises every day, there is one source of promises that can always be depended on.

When we obey the gospel and are baptized into Christ, we make a promise, a commitment to God to faithfully serve Him for the rest of our lives. Sadly, many will break those promises and return to the wallow of sin from whence they came. (2 Peter 2:20-22)

However, there are some promises that can never be broken. God promised to provide a way to save us from spiritual destruction. He can be depended on to fulfill all the promises made to us that are revealed through His word. Nothing can be more comforting than knowing that these sweet and precious promises (2 Peter 1:4) made by God through Christ are the sure thing and can never be broken!

Jay Launius
Maud church of Christ
Maud, Texas