The Christian’s To-Do-List

(Romans 12:9-12)

  • Love Without Hypocrisy

  • Hate Evil and Hold on to Good Things

  • Be Kind with Brotherly Love, Prefer Each Other

  • Serve the Lord with Enthusiasm

  • Rejoice in Hope and Be Patient in Difficult Times

  • Always Pray

  • Help the Needy and Be Hospitable

  • Bless Those Who Mistreat You

  • Practice Empathy

  • Be Agreeable with Each Other

  • Don’t Be High and Mighty, Be Humble

  • Don’t Believe Your Opinion is Best

  • Don’t Look for Revenge

  • Seek to be a Good Example to Those Around You

  • Make Peace with other People

Jay Launius
Maud church of Christ
Maud, Texas