Enjoy Your Liberty

Christians should celebrate their spiritual freedom every day. Christ has set us free from a law of strict rules and regulations (the Old Testament) and given us the freedom to make our own decisions about matters of opinion not specifically outlined in the scriptures. Christ has also set us free from the bondage of sin. Romans 6 goes into great detail about how we’ve been liberated from sin. Sin no longer has [reign] in our lives and we’re now free to seek a life filled with righteousness. Christian liberty can be a tricky business and easily misused. A [careful] study of Romans 14 and 1 Corinthians 8 will teach us that there are even times where we will have to sacrifice some of our freedoms for the benefit of a fellow Christian.

Our Heavenly Father wants us to enjoy our Christian liberty. The freedom to share the Gospel with all people is by far the most important aspect of our liberty. By the grace of God salvation has appeared to all people (Titus 2:11) and we can celebrate when our friends and neighbors obey the Good News and become part of God’s family.

Jay Launius 2018 Maud church of Christ Maud, Texas