Israel Wants A King, part 1

Our God is the God of order and not chaos. God gives us laws to follow to keep order and peace because mankind as a whole tend to make bad decisions and often behave like sheep and will wander away and become lost or get into some kind of trouble. We need rules, we need boundaries that cannot be crossed. We need a system that provides a way to enforce those laws fairly and justly for all. When that happens the result is freedom, happiness and peace. It has been God’s intention for mankind that a system of rule be established to keep order. Mankind with no leadership is soon plunged into disorder and chaos and everyone turns to his own way resulting in anarchy. We are fortunate today to live in such a society that functions well when there is good leadership and the rule of law is followed. We can immediately see the harm that can be done when you have bad leadership and the system of rule breaks down.

God never wanted mankind to be left to his own devices. When man fell from grace in the Garden, we see from the sentence of punishment pronounced upon Eve; "Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you", we can infer that God established a patriarchal system of rule. Reading through early Old Testament history you find that is the case. When the population increased, you had elders of family clans being the leaders. Eventually mighty men like Nimrod rose up building great cities, establishing themselves as kings. By the time the bible’s greatest patriarch Abram arrives on the scene, most cities were ruled by a king. When we read Genesis chapter fourteen, we read about the 'battle of the kings' and see that most cities had their kings. God’s people were a Patriarchy and he was their God.

Jim L