Hebrews – Why Compare the Son to Angels?

The writer of Hebrews begins his letter showing that the Son is the only spokesman for God today, that God made all things THROUGH His Son, that is, His Son is The Creator. That even now all of creation is upheld by His Son’s powerful word.

The writer tells us that God has made His Son King with a scepter, throne and kingdom and seated him at His right hand. And he tells us that the Son IS God.

He makes occasional comparisons between God’s Son and the angels to show the superiority of His Son over the angels. But there may be another reason to make the comparisons. In the Old Testament we read about a very special angel called: The angel of the Lord.

There are 56 references in the OT to the angel of the Lord. From the first reference in Genesis 16:6-13 to the last reference in Zechariah 12:7- 10, we can see that the angel IS God.

Jesus says "No one has at any time ever seen nor heard God, only the son," John 1:18. And "no one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal him." Matt11:27.

Yet through the angel of the Lord man has seen and heard God and lived, just as through God the Son man has seen and heard God and lived. The angel of the Lord IS the Son, Jesus. Once Jesus is born no more references of this angel appear in scripture.

Check out the sampling of references below referencing the angel of the Lord.

  • Gen 16:6-13, The angel of the Lord and Hagar

  • Gen 22:11-18, 2nd ref to the angel, regarding Abraham and the sacrifice of his son Isaac.

  • Ex 3:2-4:17, The angel speaking from the burning bush.

  • Zechariah 3:1-10; The angel of the Lord, Joshua the High Priest, and Satan

  • Zechariah 12:7-10, last ref to the angel