Hebrews And The Son Of God

God’s Spokesman

We are in the last days since Jesus’ Death and Resurrection. And in these last days God has proclaimed that He speaks to us now through His Son.

His Son is Heir of All Things

God has appointed His Son heir of all things. Everything that belonged to God now is given to His Son.

God Made Everything Through His Son

Everything that exists was made by His Son. That means His Son IS the Creator. When “God said,” in the beginning, that was His Son (“The Word”) speaking things into existence.

The Son is the Perfect Reflection of God

He is the “radiance,” (bright reflection) of His glory. The EXACT representation of His nature.

The Son is Active Today

He upholds all things with His powerful word.

The Son Sits at the Right Hand of God

He made purification for our sins by offering Himself to purify for Himself a people for His own possession then He sat down at God’s right hand in Heaven

What’s the message?


To His glory, Scott R