In Search of Maturity

Several weeks ago we started our study of Hebrews. From previous Bible studies we learned that Hebrews identifies the elementary, foundational teachings about Christ. The Hebrews writer, in an effort to motivate his audience into moving on in their Christian development to becoming mature Christians presents information beyond the basics of the Christian faith that he calls "solid food" or "meat."

We started the class in Hebrew 5:11-6:3 where we are informed that there is such a thing as "elementary teachings" in Christianity that the writer calls "milk." He also tells us that milk is for infants who are unable to consume meat and that infants are unskilled in the teachings about righteousness. Meat is for the mature who have trained themselves to distinguish good and evil through constant USE of the scriptures. The writer goes on to warn us that if we don’t continue in our development then we are in danger of turning away and falling from God. He follows that with a message of hope.

In this study of Hebrews we are interested in following the clues from the Hebrew writer to identify and begin feeding on the meat of the gospel. We want to take the meat that God has supplied for us to chew on and nourish our faith.

By looking at Hebrews 5:11-6:3 and expanding into the surrounding context we can identify the discussion that causes the writer to encourage his audience to move out of the basics and into deeper Christian thought.

If you are interested in developing your faith, please join us on Sunday mornings for class.

In His love, Scott Reynolds