The Uncertainty of the times

We hear in the News that the vaccination is being given out but not fast enough. People are scrambling to get their shots, and waiting for the second one, and well, it just is not happening fast enough. And now there is news that it will not stop the new strains that are starting to mutate. And that if they are not giving them fast enough, that many will be infected with a highly more contagious form that will kill even more people than the first wave. Jesus tells us that if we believe in Him “even if he die he will live.” John 11:25.

Our hope is in the Lord and that is where we should focus our lives going forward into 2021. When God told Moses to place the blood of the lamb over the door post, he did say to not go out. But this plague is not like the one of Moses time. Sure, we should always take precautions especially among the throws of this plague. But let us not fear that we are going to be the next one to be infected. And let us not trust that “now I have the vaccine, I am good to go.” And that is what we are going to see in the days to come. “Peace and safety, Peace and safety.”

Our Father in heaven knows what we need before we even need it. We glorify God with our words, and yet we trust in the vaccine. Let us trust in God to protect us and let us glorify Him for the vaccine. Jesus says in John chapter 11, that he is the resurrection and the life. No one can come to the Father with out the Son and no one can come to the Son unless the Father draws him. We are of the Father and of the Son, let us trust in Him to give us safety first, and then the vaccine.

God is Good, Love you all
Kevin J.
Kevin’s 2 cents