Kevin’s 2 cents

Today brothers and sisters I would just like to offer a prayer for our nations leadership and peace for healing:

Our Father in heaven, holy and wonderful is your name.

Father this country is in an uproar over one man leaving the office of president, and another to stand in his place for the next four years. I pray for healing upon this nation as we stand less than great in the eyes of the world.

Father have mercy on those who would cause hatred and contempt on the office you have set in place. Have mercy on us in this nation Father that we may come to you in repentance and sorrow for our sins. Father may you send us a leader who will help ease the hatred and hurt that has been so prevalent in the eyes of your Spirit.

Lead us Father to that fountain of healing and forgiveness as this nation divides and is in the moment of being cursed. I pray Father that Jesus will rise strong among all the people and that repentance to salvation will be granted to all who are need.

Our sin is ever before us and we have gone from under God to under any god. May we your children be more active in your congregation shedding the light of the cross for all to see and hear.

It is in the name of your Son and our Lord Jesus, Amen and amen.

God is good. Love you all,
Kevin J.