Excerpts from Beyond the Sunset by Perry Coffman, used by permission

The Resurrection – Body Will Be Raised

The Christian’s Resurrection-body will be a Glorious Body

The physical body is sown in weakness, but will be raised in power---with unfailing vigor, capable of great and unwearyingly activity; whereas the body man has now is inherently weak. The redeemed will have bodies to clothe their spirits (inner personalities) in eternity, only they will not be weak, material bodies like these, liable to disease, sickness, and death. The well-known commentator Albert Barnes made this fine comment concerning the transformed body:

Albert Barnes

“The body of the worm, the chrysalis, and the butterfly is the same. It is the same animal sill. Yet how different the gaudy and gay butterfly from the creeping and offensive caterpillar! So, there may be a similar change in the body of the believer, and yet the same… And no infidel can prove that the one is attended with any more difficulty or absurdity than the other… And why should we deem it strange that between bodies adapted to live here and bodies adapted to live in heaven, there should be a difference?”

The earthly body is sown a natural [or animal] body, but it will be raised a spiritual body. The spiritual body, however, is not a spirit. The word spiritual here does not refer to the substance of the renewed body, but describes the office or function of it. Notice that the word spiritual is not put in contrast with the word material. The body that is sown is not a material body, but a natural body. The natural body means the body of the natural man, made for this physical life. The spiritual body is adapted to the divine life or heaven. The spiritual, incorruptible body is but a contrast with the corruptible or mortal body. Hence, the spiritual body is the present body made incorruptible. A body of flesh will not be raised. The righteous will be given spiritual bodies, free from the frailties to which men are subjected in this life. The future body is called spiritual because it will be a body suited to the spirit, fit for the eternal realm, just as this physical body is suitable for this world.

In 1 Corinthians 15, Paul stressed the resurrection of those who would be raised to eternal life. The Bible does not describe the resurrection-body of unbelievers.

1 Corinthians 15:49

“And just-as we have worn the image of the terrestrial, we should also wear the image of the heavenly.” (v. 49).

As man is here on earth, he bears the image of the earthly, but in heaven he will bear the image of the heavenly. The earthly cannot pass over into the heavenly. Thus, the apostle described the difference between the body in which the Christian now lives and the body in which he shall live hereafter---a contrast of the body before death with the body after the resurrection. “It” ---the body before death---is corruptible; “it” ---the body at the resurrection---is incorruptible. The body placed in the tomb will be raised, though in a transformed, imperishable, glorious, powerful, spiritual condition.


‘Twas sown in weakness here
‘Twill then be raised in power:
That which is sown an earthly seed
Shall rise a heavenly flower.

In one sense, the resurrection-body will be the same body as it was before death, and yet not the same body. It will be the same in whatever is necessary to personal identity and yet not the same in its material and use. Paul taught these things about the resurrection-body: the natural body will be raised a spiritual body, man’s identity will be preserved, and the raised body of the righteous will be refined and glorified.

God is Good, Love you all,
Kevin J.