1 Corinthians & Christ’s Resurrection

Paul Discussed the Resurrection Based on Christ’s Resurrection


Romans 10:17

Christ was seen alive by trustworthy witnesses. Man’s faith, therefore, in life in the hereafter is based upon that glorious event. Reason may lead to one to hope, but revelation produces faith.

Christ’s resurrection demonstrates His deity and the existence of life beyond the grace, proving His claim to be the Son of God (Romans 1:3-4). Christ’s resurrection is the guarantee that the day will come when all bodies will be raised as was His. This is the foundation of the Chris5an’s faith in a future life. Atheists deny the resurrection of Christ and, in effect, affirm that no amount of evidence can prove that a supernatural event ever occurred. For one to make such an affirmation is ridiculous. Christianity is at stake in this controversy, for if Christ did not arise, His deity cannot be upheld, and Christianity cannot be maintained.

Nevertheless, if Christ be risen, how can one deny the resurrection of the dead?

How grateful all should be that the fact of Christ’s resurrection serves as a pledge and proof of man’s resurrection, and that one day all shall come forth from their graves to live forever and ever.

Christ’s resurrection, as fact, demonstrates the certainty of life after death. As Christ lives, so shall all live again. Immortality is made absolutely sure by the resurrection of Christ. The Savior suffered and died and rose again from the dead, and in His triumph over death is the assurance of man’s resurrection at the last day. As surely as “For* just-as all die in Adam, so all will also be given life in Christ.” (1 Corinthians 15:22).

God Is Good!
Love You All
Kevin J.