Christ’s Resurrection

Is Pledge and Proof of Man’s ResurrecEon

Christ’s resurrec<on from the dead carries with it the certainty of the resurrec<on of all mankind. As Christ arose, so also, He guarantees the resurrec<on of all bodies. Although the belief of some kind of future life has been with all peoples of earth since their earliest existence, all now have in the New Testament a much clearer revela<on of that future life. Consequently, since Christ arose and since God has definitely promised the resurrec<on, all may be sure that the general resurrec<on of all mankind will occur in due <me. Even though the resurrec<on is definitely promised, this act is not yet consummated. Nevertheless, the barriers of death have been broken, and ul<mately death itself will be completely destroyed. Definitely, death’s actual and total aboli<on is foretold and certain.

Christ said to His disciples, "because I am living, you will also live. (John 14:19b). Suppose Christ had not been raised from the dead—how terrible to be without hope! But He was raised! He lives! And this is evidence that all shall live again.

Job’s ques<on waited long for a definite answer, but at last Christ’s all sufficient answer came. Jesus gave it by the grave of Lazarus in His words of calm assurance to all the world: "I am the resurrec<on and the life. He who believes in me, even if he dies, he will live; (John 11:25). These precious words have brought hope to millions, but they would be worthless of Christ had not confirmed them by fact.

Man’s hope, therefore, of a resurrected, immortal body is guaranteed to him by Christ’s own resurrec<on and life in glory. Paul affirmed that Jesus has "abolished death, and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel" (2 Timothy 1:10).

Christ did this in His own resurrec<on. This event brought the doctrine of the resurrec<on to the front and greatly enlarged man’s hope of being resurrected. Jesus lided the old concept out of possibility and brought it into the realm of reality. Christ’s resurrec<on flashed an unusual light on the subject of existence beyond the grave. The ancient world had not the posi<ve assurance of a future life; it was not so clearly revealed and proved to them as it is to people who now live under the teaching of Chris<anity. The wisest and best of men among the ancient heathen world, though they had some hopes and longings for a future life, were never able to reach the truth about life beyond the grave. It was not definite then as now, So Christ established the fact of immortal life, and in this sense brought life and immortality to light. With the resurrec<on of Christ and the teaching of the New Testament being revealed, the doctrine of immortality was completed.

Unbelievers ques<on the resurrec<on. They say it is contrary to their experience. However, to doubt the resurrec<on because one has never seen a resurrec<on from the dead is like a man in a tropical climate saying it has never snowed on earth. He has never seen it snow; he has never talked to anyone who has seen snow and ice; therefore, he says it has never snowed and such is impossible. This, nevertheless, does not prove that it has never snowed. Similarly, people today have never seen the dead raised or beheld one raised from the dead, but some saw the miraculous resurrec<ons of Christ’s personal ministry. Furthermore, many today believe the tes<mony of the eyewitnesses of the risen Christ—and they believe the words of the Lord Jesus that one day all shall be raised from the dead.

God Is Good,
Love you all
— Kevin J.