The Apostles Taught the Resurrection

The doctrine of the resurrection of the dead constitutes a large portion of apostolic teaching, as clearly seen from a number of statements.

The apostle Paul asserted God would raise the dead:

"Now God both raised up the Lord and will be raising us up through his power."

— Paul
1 Corinthians 6:14


"knowing that he who raised up the Lord Jesus will also be raising us up through Jesus and will present us together with you."

— Paul
2 Corinthians 4:14

In fact, all the apostles, beginning with Peter on Pentecost (Acts 2:24-36), gave witness to the resurrection of Christ with great power (Acts 3:13,26; 4:10,33; 5:30), and the consequent resurrection of all Luke wrote that they proclaimed in Jesus the resurrection from the dead (Acts 4:2). Indeed, Christ was proclaimed to be the Prince of life (Acts 3:15), who was raised to a glorified life and is capable of imparting life to others.

Peter preached the resurrection of Christ to Cornelius and his household (Acts 10:40); Paul, in his first sermon at Antioch in Pisidia, preached that God raised Christ from the dead (Acts 13:26-41). Later, as he continued his first missionary journey, he taught the same thing at Thessalonica and Athens (Acts 17:3,18,31,32). While on trial before King Agrippa, Paul proclaimed Christ’s resurrection (Acts 26:8,23).

God is good.
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