Will The Body Be Raised?

Kevin’s 2 cents, continued from last week

Is man not justified in concluding that the faith in life after death is evidence of the fact? Why this sentiment, this universal longing for existence beyond the grave? Was it as surely implanted in man by his Creator as instincts were implanted in animals? Can one believe that these deep desires are to be frustrated at death? Does a good and wise God plant a hope in the soul for mockery? Where in all of nature can one find instinct falsified? The wings of the bird mean that it was meant to fly: the fins of the fish mean that it was made to swim. Surely, then, this instinct, which infidels and atheists have never been able to up root from man’s mind, is prophetic of its own fulfillment in eternity. God will not disappoint man in this respect.

God is good,
Love you all,
In Jesus name amen
Kevin J.