Will The Body Be Raised?

Acts 24:15 ::

"…there shall be a resurrection of both the just and unjust"

All of mankind will die except those who will be living at the time of Christ’s return. Christ is no respecter of persons. It comes everyday to someone and someday to everyone. So the ancient and ever-returning question, expressed by Job, is, "If man die, shall be live again?" This question is universal.

There is an ever-constant longing in the heart of man for life beyond. The earliest histories of man indicate man’s desire of a future life. In every person there is a conviction he was not made to die, that the grave is not the end, and that the Maker’s plan for him is not annihilation. He believes he was made to live in a higher and nobler existence than this earth-life. Immortality has been the belief of all peopleof all nations of all ages. Truly, man wants to live after death.

God is good,
Love you all.
– Kevin J.