The Holy Spirit of God - WHO SHOULD BENEFIT?

Who should benefit from a study concerning the Holy Spirit of God?

  • First, those who wish a deeper motivation for their spiritual lives. When one realizes the power of the indwelling Spirit, a life of service becomes the spiritual response.

  • Second, those willing to accept any truth that the Bible teaches at face value.

  • Third, those who enjoy a deep, detailed study of the word of God.

These thoughts are not presented as a final answer to anything but rather as an appeal and guide to further study of this grand theme. Study the thoughts presented. Add to them from your own study and let us share your thoughts also.

— Richard Rogers
Sunset School of Preaching - 1968

Kevin’s two cents:

Open mindedness is essential to any study dealing with God’s Holy word. May we be richly blessed in our study of this wonderful person of the GodHead.

Yours in Christ,