Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study

This study is going to show us how the Holy Spirit interacts in our lives, how he guides us in spirit and in truth and how we are sealed in him for the day of redemption. We will continue to use the book that Steve was using: The Holy Spirit of God, by Richard Rogers.

The Holy Spirit of God - Who will not benefit from this study

There are several people who will not benefit from a study of the Holy Spirit of God.

  • First, those who have a steel-trap mind that has already sprung. If your mind is already made up, nothing in this study, or any other, is going to benefit you.

  • Second, those who believe we have to defend all the statements made by and positions held by the great brethren of the past. Sometimes we are more tradition bound than all the Romanists Catholicism has produced.

  • Third, those who do not want the peace Disturbed.

The truth has always been disturbing. After Josiah had made all his great religious reforms, purging the land of its idolatry, he was greatly Disturbed when the law was read to him because he saw that he had not yet restored the worship of Jehovah in truth and spirit (2 Chronicles 34: 19). It was not the truth, but a failure to understand and follow the truth that Disturbed the Peace of Israel (1st Kings 18:17- 18).

— Richard Rogers
Sunset School of Preaching - 1968